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So you want to learn to fly the Schweizer 300? You have come to the right place, and here's why:
Our Chief Flying Instructor Geoff Day has been flying for many years (he’d rather not say exactly how many) and first qualified as an instructor in the RAF in 1976. He has amassed some 25,000 flying hours, including 18,000 as an instructor. Initially serving with the RAF on Search and Rescue duties he was awarded 2 immediate Queens Commendations.
He then served in a variety of instructing roles including instructing search and rescue pilots. Since leaving the RAF he has worked in the civilian helicopter world as a commercial pilot on charter work, load-lifting and fire-fighting.
However, he has specialised in instructing, training and testing private pilots, commercial pilots and helicopter instructors.
He is the author of the best-selling book “Helicopter Aerodynamics Made Simple (Well... Relatively Simple!)”

On completion of your PPL(H) your licence will be endorsed to allow you to fly the type of helicopter you have trained on. If, however, that was not an S300 and you would like to extend this to an S300 you must complete a ‘type rating’ course on that aircraft. This course usually consists of a minimum of 5 hours flying, relevant ground school theory and a skills test with our in-house CAA approved examiner.
Remember, you must fly a minimum of 2 hours on each type of helicopter per year and complete a proficiency check with an examiner to keep your rating current. At JBS, we have in-house examiners to ensure your types are renewed simply and easily.

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